A split air conditioner system usually has two units; one is an outdoor unit, which consists of the condenser and the compressor and another is an indoor unit, which is an air handling unit. Unlike other AC systems, split AC requires two parts.

We already started feeling the heat of this summer and the best way to stay cool is to buy the best air conditioner system.  Choosing the right AC for your home is not as easy as it sounds. We need to look into multiple factors such as types of AC, their energy efficiency, their technology, and the price. There are many types of AC available such as window AC, ceiling AC, split AC, cassette AC, etc. But split AC has gained more popularity than any other and most homeowners prefer split AC. 

Split Air Conditioning System

So, below are the top 5 benefits of Split AC that made it more preferable around the globe:

Easy installation

Unlike the traditional ACs, split ACs are much easier to install since it does not require ductwork, which is usually done for the former. Only a 3-inch diameter hole in the wall is required to connect the outdoor unit with the indoor unit. Through this gap, the copper tubing or refrigerator tube is passed for the connection. Since the tube is available according to our requirements, both units can be installed up to 100 feet apart. 

Greater Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency problems arise when Central systems lose a lot of energy through ductwork, and leaky ducts can cause a loss of up to 30 percent in cooling energy. As split air conditioners are ductless systems we don’t have to worry about uninsulated ductwork or ductwork that’s been installed in unconditioned spaces which leads to energy efficiency problems and split ACs further reduce the electricity bill in the future. In some cases, split AC can perform about double the cooling capacity of any other ACs.

Noise control

One of the biggest concerns when buying the AC is its noise especially when it is for classrooms, hospitals, libraries, our study room, or even our bedroom as we wish to have peaceful, quiet sleep after a long noisy day. Traditional AC tends to create more noise because of their condenser and fan which are installed in one unit. But in split AC, the compressor, and the condenser are placed outside, and an indoor ductless unit can operate as silently as 19 decibels which results in low to no noise. 

Easy maintenance

Split ACs are not low maintenance but definitely can be maintained very easily when compared to others. They have washable filters and require only routine cleaning periodically. Outdoor units are designed for easy access for maintenance and repair.


There are many split AC models such as inverter split AC, which use less power and work more efficiently when you want them to cool specific areas of the houses or for specific time periods. We can also reduce the cost of buying when we shop online. Shopping Split ACs online has more benefits than in-person shopping since we can compare the price on various websites and find greater deals. 

Split air conditioning systems have many advantages that make them worth considering when you’re shopping for air conditioning. So, make sure to choose the right service provider for your desired requirements.


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