Establishing a subtle balance between ambient cooling and affordable expenditure has always been a tough task. You could either avail proficient cooling or traverse a budget-friendly approach. Air Conditioners have always been a necessity in homes and offices to create a comfortable homely atmosphere or to ensure a steady workflow.

Role of Air Conditioners in Upcoming Summers

Air Conditioners (AC) are now regarded as being paramount in this world ailing with ever-escalating temperatures. It has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Some prominent features of an AC include – 

  • Better Air quality – AC filters, eliminates mould and pollutants and circulates air throughout the area and hence, provides a healthy air quality to breathe.
  • Improved health – Indoor air can include dust, pollens, and bacteria which are filtered out using Air Conditioners.
  • Jolly Ambience – Alongside regulating temperature, an AC can jolly up the mood and ensure a steady workflow at offices and comfort in your homes.

Amstrad Split Air Conditioners – A greater Insight

To establish a balance between comfort and budget, the Amstrad Split Air Conditioners were launched. The efficient compressors that come installed are impeccable examples of modern smart engineering by Amstrad. The benchmarks for the Amstrad ACs remain unaltered under all circumstances. 

The best Amstrad Split Air Conditioners for summers that fits everyone at cheap price and great deals
Best Split AC to Buy in Summer- Amstard Air Conditioners

Top Amstrad Split ACs

Amstrad’s new ACs arrive in 1-ton and 1.5-ton variants with three-star and five-star energy efficiency options.

  • Amstrad Split Air Conditioner (1 Ton, 3 Star – Inverter) (1TAM13PI3GOLD)
  • AMSTRAD Split AC 3 STAR 1.5TON (1.5TAM20F3)
  • Amstrad Split Air Conditioner (1.5 Ton, 3 Star – Inverter) (1.5TAM20PI3GOLD)

The split AC models offer 3-star and 5-star power ratings.

Amstrad ACs are by far the best amidst the competition and excel in every domain, be it cooling, budget, or durability in 2020. They are regarded as top-notch in the market and are available in stores near you without any hassle. There are quite some showrooms in Tamil Nadu that you can visit and interact with the sellers and pick an Amstrad AC that sufficiently meets your needs. 

Technical Expertise

Some of the prominent features are enlisted as – 

Star Rating 

Almost all Amstrad ACs come with either a 3-star or a 5-star rating. This helps you decide which one adequately fits your needs by taking factors such as maintainability or buying cost, cooling efficiency and overall performance output into account. 

Stabilizer Free Operation

With a 130V – 290V operating range, Samsung ACs can sustain low or extremely high voltages while remaining stable. This saves the expense of buying a dedicated stabilizer, thereby saving money for the consumers. 


All Amstrad ACs are launched with a 10-year warranty on the compressor and offer environment-friendly refrigeration with minimal noise to give you a comfortable sleep.

Physical Design

The overall outlook of an Amstrad AC is fancy and appealing to the eyes, with the display being hidden beneath the body giving it a clean look. The AC can be toggled to Eco mode to conserve power while maintaining decent cooling.


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