Why do people usually prefer air conditioners? Just because it adds luxury and comfort to our livelihood especially during summers. There is one of the best air conditioner brands that not only bring you comfort but also added advantages that make your life simpler. One such brand is SAMSUNG.

Samsung air conditioners have got an ultimate sleek design and are embedded with the latest technological features. All these features together would help in ultimately reducing the electricity bill. High performance and low electricity consumption in all weather conditions make Samsung Inverter Air Conditioners the best for our Indian homes. How cool is that!

The Samsung brand has introduced a number of models across different segments with Wind-free 2.0 series, Triple Inverter series, Eco Inverter series, and On/off series. Let’s check out what the features are all about.

Samsung Inverter Split AC
Samsung Inverter Split AC

Wind-Free™ Cooling:

The foremost feature of this technology is that it makes us feel comfortably cool without feeling cold. It has the capability of gently and quietly dispersing air through 23,000 micro air holes in order to make you not get that unpleasant feeling of cold wind on your skin.

Advanced airflow in it cools a wider and larger area more evenly based on how spacious your room is.

Energy Saving Wind-Free™ Cooling System:

It’s no wonder in saying electricity bills are increasing dramatically. Samsung Inverter Split AC with highly energy-efficient Wind-Free™ Cooling technology helps you save money every single day. When your AC is operating in Wind-Free™ mode, the outdoor unit consumes minimal power – using up to 77% less electricity compared to the Fast Cooling mode*. And now, you can stay comfortably cool without worrying about your electricity bills.

AI Auto Cooling:

AI Auto Cooling* makes you experience an intelligent way of living. It can automatically optimize the various modes by analyzing the room conditions and usage patterns**. Based on your preferred temperature and size of the room, it automatically switches to the most appropriate mode to maintain the optimal conditions.

Just throw away all your tensions out of your mind and sleep much better throughout the night getting Samsung Inverter Split AC now to your homes. Avail Samsung ACs on offers at your nearest Air conditioner showroom or order AC online.


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