Few years before, most of us were not aware about the importance of star rating in AC. But now everyone knows how important the star rating is!

If you’re not aware of the benefits of star ratings, keep reading…

Star Rating of an AC

Star rating of an air conditioner refers to its efficiency. When the number of Star increases, it results in less energy consumption.This includes the cost of power consumption also, which means you can save more money.

Now, let’s dig deep and know the major difference between 3 star and 5 star rating in Split AC.

3 Star Rated Split Air Conditioner

3 Star Air conditioners cools your room fast as it has an EER range between 2.9 -3.09

They are available in affordable costs

Maintenance and energy usage is high

The costs and maintenance are only limited for 3 peak months of summer.

Split Ac with 3 Star is useful for those who are looking for an AC to use only for the summer season.

5 Star Rated Split Air Conditioner

5 Star Split AC are a bit costlier but it’s worth it

It cools your room within minutes with 33.3 and above 3.33 EER

They function very efficiently with less power consumption

Air conditioners with 5 Star rating has better energy efficiency than 3 star ACs

This helps you in saving power bills throughout the year


Split AC with 3 star rating are cheaper and under budget when compared to 5 Star Split AC. But we should admit that 5 Star Air conditioners will save your electricity bill month after month as it got higher energy efficiency.

Things to keep on mind before buying an Air conditioner

As we always say, calculate the tonnage you need for your room or home or office before shopping an Air conditioner from your nearby showrooms.

  • Look for the reviews in online
  • Decide the cooling capacity you need
  • Go for a branded one for durability and good services

If you’re someone who has no time to go for Air conditioner shopping, no worries! There are many Online Home Appliance stores where you can book or order the air conditioner as per your needs and requirements.


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