Get Blue-star Inverter Split Air conditioners home and say goodbye to sweltering hot summer.  Find the best Blue star Air conditioners with inverter technology and save your money from getting burned in electricity bills this 2020.

What are the best blue star split inverter air conditioners you can buy in summer?

Inverter Split AC is a popular type of air conditioner that has superior cooling performance and energy efficiency than any other air conditioners available in the market.

Blue star 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC (Bi/Bo) (1T5CNHW12QATU-5S)

The Blue Star 5CNHW12QATU is an Inverter Split Air conditioner that employs superior technology to offer you the best cooling solution possible.

This inverter AC has Auto Restart and Copper condenser coil.

5 Star energy rating gives a high energy efficiency, saves much power, and reduces the electricity bill.

With 3640 W Cooling Capacity, it provides uniform cooling. Quiet operation reduces the noise level that helps you to have a happy sleep.

Blue star 5 star inverter split air conditioners
Blue star 5 star inverter split air conditioners

It has Dual rotary compressor and remote LCD.

1 Ton Inverter Split AC of Blue Star is ideal for room size that ranges from 80 sq. feet to 110 sq. feet.

It is available in the best online AC store at the most affordable price in India.

Blue star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC Bi Bo (1.5TIC518QBTU5S)

Blue Star TIC518QBTU Inverter Split AC offers consistent cooling throughout the year.

With 5 Star Energy Rating and high cooling capacity, it has the ability to cool a 150 sq. feet room within minutes and consumes less power at the same time.

Ambient temperature cooling even at 52 degrees outside makes your summer feel like winter inside your home.

Turbo Mode makes the cooling quicker and effective.

It is a smart move to buy Blue star 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC online at the best Air conditioner showroom with great summer offers and deals.

Blue star 2 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Bi/Bo) (2TFS324YATU-3S)

Blue Star FS324YATU Inverter Split Air Conditioners have increased their cooling capacity 6330 W to deliver comfortable cooling with low power consumption.

It has a 3-star energy rating that works effectively in consuming less power in summer.

Copper condensers are extremely good at cooling your room without sky-high electricity bills.

You don’t have to adjust or set each and every time as the blue star covers the prime task with Auto adjust and auto restart feature.

Blue star 3 star inverter split air conditioners
Blue star 3 star inverter split air conditioners

This 2 ton Split Inverter Air Conditioner can keep your rooms that range from 150 sq. feet to 200 sq. feet sizes.

The price of the AC is quite reasonable and made with high-grade plastic material. Easy to install with technical support.


With revolutionary technologies and features like iFeel technology, temperature sensor Blue Star Air Conditioner ensures the highest comfort and utmost relaxation at your home in summer days.


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