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Air Conditioners make your home cool which makes us feel relaxed and comfortable.

What if we say Air Conditioners are more than just comfort?!!! Yes, Air Conditioners with 5 Star Energy ratings save electricity which automatically save your money.

Are you in search of the best Air Conditioners to buy now?

Well, you can choose the best AC for Home from the top branded Air Conditioners we have listed below.

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter AC (1.5TLSQ18FNZD5S)

It is one of the top Air Conditioners with 5 Star Energy Rating.

It has Technologies such as,

·         Dual Cool technology

·         100% Copper with Ocean Black Protection

·         Smart Diagnosis

·         Active Energy Control

·         Himalaya Cool Technology

·         Low Refrigerant Detection

·         GOLD FIN Condenser

·         R32 Refrigerant

·         Cools at 52-degree Celsius

·         Monsoon Comfort Technology

·         Stabilizer-free Operation

·         Auto Clean

·         Comfort Air

OG 1.2 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC (1.2TASGG14CGTA-R32)

This Inverter AC from O’ General Brand with 5 star energy rating has got second place in the top 5 Air Conditioners list of 2020.

The O’General ASGG14CGTA Split Inverter AC comes with cooling measures that was never experienced before and with its 5 star rating it ensures that you are provided with efficient cooling high electricity bills. It is capable of achieving higher energy efficiency compared to similar compressors by optimizing the structure that is incorporated within this air conditioner.

The amazing cooling features with the backend support of various functionality makes this air conditioner the perfect go to option for you in this hot and humid summer season.

Hitachi 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC (1TKASHIRSA512CBEA)

The power performing Hitachi RSA512CBEA Inverter Split Air Conditioner comes with amazing cooling features to ensure you enjoy optimum level performance at all times.

The five star energy rating ensures your energy is consumed in a smart way to provide optimum cooling results. All these amazing features coupled with a durable and convenient to use design makes it the ideal cooling option for you.

The air conditioner also comes with cool mode for proper cooling and the Auto mode which automatically chooses Heating or Cooling Mode according to the needs of the room. The 4 way swing ensures that your room experiences uniform air circulation for better cooling results. With a rated power input level of 1869 watts, the air conditioner ensures amazing cooling performance at all times.

Daikin 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC (1TJTKJ35TV16-5S)

Your air conditioning experience is going to be a pleasant one thanks to the energy saving Daikan FTKG35TV Inverter Air Conditioner. The five star rated air conditioner with a 1 ton capacity cools a wide area efficiently and provides clean and fresh air to give you a fresh and comfortable environment in your living room. The air conditioner not only provides great cooling but also filters out all undesirable pollutants in the air keeping the room fresh and the air breathable. The air conditioner which comes with a three star energy rating ensures that you enjoy maximum functionality at minimum prices making it an ideal option for everyday home use.

You are sure to enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere indoors as the Daikan FTKG35TV Inverter Air Conditioner with its cooling capacity of 1 ton which is useful for cooling a wide area efficiently.

Sharp 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter AC (1.5TAHXP18WHT5S)

Last but not the least…..Sharp AHXP18WHT5S has become one the best Air Conditioners with 5 Star Energy rating.

The white Sharp 1.5 ton AH-XP18PMT inverter split air conditioner can be your perfect cooling companion this summer. Its Turbo Cool mode can create a calm and cool ambiance due to its capability of attaining desired temperature in the shortest possible time, which makes it a perfect appliance for hot summer afternoons.

The Self Clean automatic function, when activated cleanses the entire internal unit on its own, while Auto Restart feature ensures that each time there is a power cut the AC will start on its own when power supply resumes.

Experience the cool and calm atmosphere of winter in summer with this durable and efficient split AC. It’s one of a kind Eco Mode and Instant Low Wattage helps you in setting AC to energy-saving mode via a two-stage adjustment

Hope our Air Conditioner buying Guide and reviews would be useful to choose a perfect energy saving Air Conditioner. Reach a nearby AC showroom and Shop Latest Air Conditioners now!

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