Air Conditioners have become a necessity rather than a wealthy home appliance. Do you still think air conditioners are just to keep you cool? No, it does more than just cooling!

Be it in your Office, Residential buildings, Warehouses or rental units, Cassette Air Conditioners are highly essential in maintaining the environment cool. Though there is a wide range of options in air conditioning systems, Cassette Air conditioning units are suited well for all circumstances where wall- hung systems and other types of air conditioning systems fail to fit in!

Ceiling Cassette Air conditioners works on the same exact principles like other air conditioning systems, but differs by the way it is mounted. As like the name, Ceiling Cassette AC is mounted in the ceiling. It perfectly suits the floating or suspended types of ceiling as it has sufficient space to accommodate.

Cassette AC Latest Features 2020
Cassette AC Latest Features 2020

Cassette Air Conditioning units are available in various sizes with the best features. What are they?

Air can be discharged in multi direction – The air flow angles can be set individually according to your requirements.

Ceiling cassette ACs are light in weight and compact.

Leaves maximum floor and wall space as it is mounted in ceilings.

Easy and flexible Installation – Can be installed in the middle of the room or even in a corner as well. There are options to shut off one or two flaps for installing in corners.

Great Air flow distribution– It offers efficient air low distribution even at 3.5 m ceiling heights.

Uninterrupted Sleep and Noise less environment – They are extremely quiet in both indoors and outdoors.

They save space and blend with your modern home décor ceilings.

Ideal for?

Cassette Air Conditioners are highly suitable for shops, restaurants, offices and homes with false ceilings.

Ceiling Cassette Air conditioners in 2020 price
Ceiling Cassette Air conditioners in 2020

Size Availability and Price range of Ceiling Cassette Air conditioners in 2020

Well, you might have so many questions like, how much does cassette ac cost? What sizes are available in ceiling cassette ac?

For larger and wide areas you can consider buying large cassette ac units with sizes up to 10.4 kw cooling capacity.

Go for the Inverter units that are ideal for smaller areas. They are economical and control temperature in nature.

The price ranges from 46000 for 3 star Cassette ac. Cost depends on the high star rating that is totally affordable and worth buying compared to many other Air Conditioners.

Visit the nearest AC showrooms to inquire about the price of ceiling cassette air conditioners of top AC brands. Too lazy to get out of your home at this scorching summer? Shop AC online at affordable prices in 2020 at the best online Air conditioner Stores with great summer deals and offers.


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