Summer is almost here and most of you are in countdown mode for the days left for the summer holidays. Getting excited? Same here!

Let me ask you one thing! What is the first thing that strikes when you think of summer? A holiday destination with family, trips to the beach, a visit to grandparents’ house in the village and last but not the least… BURNING HEAT!

In India, it’s unimaginable to manage summers without an Air Conditioner. Agree? And soon these air conditioners are going to be your best friends. As these ACs are going to be your best friends keeping you cool and relaxed, you should also take care of them like the way you take care of your friends in your real life.

How do you take care of your Air conditioner? The answer would be.. by making effective use of it! 

Know how to effectively use your ACs this summer.

1. Make sure your windows and doors are closed properly.

2. The room should be organized with less furniture as every object absorbs cooling.

3. The number of people that can stay in an AC room depends on the tonnage of your AC. It means fewer people for less tonnage and vice versa.

4. The higher you set your air conditioner’s temperature, the lower will be the electricity bill. Thus you can save your money too.

5. Dial your nearest professional air conditioning service providers and get the interior of your air conditioning cleaned before the summer begins.

6. Clean or change your air conditioner filters often. It’s so simple and can be done of your own.

These are some of the tips that can help in using your Air Conditioners effectively. Follow these and you are all set to make use of AC and get chilled!


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