Are you looking to shop for the best AC in India to cool your home?! If yes, we highly recommend you to spend your quality time and know better which type of AC is best for your home and what air conditioner to buy. We are sure, this will help you to save your time and money by buying a new air conditioner from nearby AC showrooms.

Hope you know what types of Air Conditioners are available in the market! We have discussed it briefly in our previous sessions! But the question is which Air Conditioner is suitable for home use?

Things to be considered before buying an AC for home use:

  • Size of your room
  • Which Floor?
  • Windows
  • Provision of installation
  • Inverter or Non inverter AC

All the above listed factors aids you in ordering a new Ac that perfectly suits your home needs and falls under budget.

Best types of Air Conditioner for home usage:

Window Air Conditioners for home
Window Air Conditioners for home

Window AC for Home

The advantage of buying a window air conditioner as the primary means of cooling your home include localized cooling, low cost, energy efficient and simple installation.

Window Air conditioning units gives you a great supplemental cooling, multi-functional for year round use and doesn’t need much floor space!

  • Ideal for bedrooms
  • Go for Window AC capacities from 1 Ton to 1.5 Ton and prefer 2-5 star rated Air conditioners.

If you don’t have horizontal rectangular windows that allows easy installation for window AC, it’s not a big problem! We got Split AC.

Split Air Conditioners for home
Split Air Conditioners for home

Split AC for Home

Split Air conditioners decrease your household energy expenditures. It has great flexibility and extremely easy installation.

With Split AC you can control the climate of your home. It helps in cooling in the searing summer and thaw your frozen bodies in winter.

  • Ideal for bedrooms and hall
  • 1-1.5 Ton of split air conditioners with star ratings between 3 and 5 are best for home usage.

Greater energy efficiency, Faster Cooling, De- humidification mode, stylish (blends with your décor) and quiet operations makes this type of AC as the perfect one for your home.

 Inverter Air Conditioners for home
Inverter Air Conditioners for home

Inverter AC for Home

Inverter AC got the biggest advantage with effective cooling and less power consumption compared to any other traditional AC.

It keeps your room temperature constant and you c=don’t have to fear voltage fluctuation.

  • Ideal for Whole home and bedrooms.
  • If you’re getting Inverter Split AC for home use, best is to go with 3- 5 star rated 1-1.5 Ton capacity Air conditioning units.

Perfectly suits small and large spaces and environment-friendly.

Benefits of home air conditioning

  • Better Sleep
  • Reduces the risk of dehydration
  • Reduces the risk of heat stroke
  • Reduces the possibility of asthma attacks
  • Keeps you chillaxed
  • Less insects and parasites
  • Prevents electronics from overheating

 So, have you decided which one to buy for your home? Before placing an order, look for genuine reviews online. Know your requirements and check the things to decide in the beginning or post before you buy an Air conditioner home.  

What are you waiting for, reach the nearby AC showrooms or order online and get your brand new Air conditioner delivered home.


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