Predictors have reported that there is a huge possibility of record-breaking temperature rise all over the globe. We can see the heat has been increasing every day! This drastic growth in temperature has made it hard to think about summer days even before stepping in.

Enough Suffering in summer, get the best AC for Summer
Don’t sweat in this Summer, get a new AC and stay cool

But, we got a simple solution to keep you always chill, no matter what the temperature is out there. Yeah! We are talking about the great invention of Willis carrier – Air conditioners. Okay, enough being dramatic. Let’s get this gone short and crisp!

Air conditioners help many of us to enjoy our normal life throughout the year. It at least makes our indoors cool, Right?!  Our life savers have got many updates and new technologies to protect us from sweltering summer.

Gotta plans for buying a new air conditioner for this summer? Have a look at the top 5 air conditioners that would help you in this summer 2020.

Top 5 Air Conditioners to consider buying now and escape this summer

Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC (1TMERAIRSFG311HCEA)

Split Inverter 1 Ton AC with 3 Star rating from one of the reputed air conditioner brands. It is pocket friendly and comes with a copper condenser.

It has the latest evolution of technologies like,

  • Tropical Inverter Technology for optimum cooling
  • iSense Technology for Smart air Conditioning
  • Wi- Fi Connect feature to control your AC with smartphone
  • Stainless steel coated filter with iClean Technology
  • Environment friendly refrigerant that doesn’t dwindle the ozone layer
  • It has Auto restart functions, defrosting sensor, Functional Soft and dry mode that dehumidifies the room.
Control the indoor temperature with top air conditioners 2020
Control the indoor temperature with air conditioner

Voltas 1.5 Ton 4 Star Split Inverter AC (1T124VSZS2FLORAL-SAC)

Inverter Split1.5 Ton AC with 4 Star Rating of Voltas promises you the most pleasant days ahead. It comes with Copper condenser and ideal for 80- 100 sq.ft small rooms.

It also has elaborate designs like,

  • Turbo mode, Sleep mode, Anti dust filter, Anti- bacterial filter and Catechin filter that gives you a chance to have a healthy living
  • Self-Diagnosis helps you in detecting the cause of malfunction in the Air conditioning unit.
  • Active Dehumidifier senses your indoor humidity and keeps under control to give you comfort
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature to give you a cozy sleep
  • Sleep mode cuts the excessive power consumption during the night and saves your money
  • High Ambient Cooling offers you instant cooling even at 52 degree Celsius.

LG 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (1TKSQ12FNZD-5S)

5 Star Inverter Split AC with 1 ton capacity from one the top air conditioner brands gives a pleasurable retreat from the heat. Its high star rating makes it highly energy efficient.

  • It provides you a better cooling with copper condenser that requires low maintenance.
  • Anti-bacterial coating, Dust filter, Air purifier and Dehumidifier are the special features of this floral white LG AC.
  • Environment friendly with refrigerant gas that doesn’t affect our ozone
  • It also has ocean black protection and Dual inverter compressor that offers faster cooling and more savings.
  • Best in eliminating potential odor from your home.
  • You’ll feat the peace instantly with Himalaya Cool technology with just a touch of a button.
Advanced AC technologies that helps you escape summer
Advanced AC Technologies keeps your home cool

Carrier 1 Ton 5 Star 12K Octra NEO Split AC (1T12KOCTRANEO+5S)

1 Ton Split AC of Carrier with 5 Star rating is an ideal option for daily home cooling needs of 80-100 sq ft room size. It’s amazing cooling features and technologies includes,

  • Low Noise level helps you to catch good sleep
  • This stylish AC got filters like Micron filter, Electrostatic dust filter and hyper protective filter
  • Flexi cool hybrid jet technology gives you 4 different operational modes
  • Efficient Cooling even in 52 degree Celsius temperature outside
  • Works effectively even without Stabilizer
  • All the innovative designs give you best in class performance and fast indoor cooling in summer.

Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC (1T5CNHW12QATU-5S)

Blue Star P Series 1 Ton Split Inverter AC with 5 Star gives you a powerful cooling and maximum energy savings.

It comes with advanced technologies and features like,

  • Copper condenser for better cooling
  • Dual inverter technology for more savings
  • Eco friendly with R410A refrigerant gas that doesn’t harm ozone
  • Precision cooling Technology ensures your comfortability in indoor room conditions
  • Automatic 4D swing gives you the joy of enjoying uniform cooling across the room with omnidirectional air blowing.
  • iFeel technology adjusts and gives the actual desired temperature and cooling comfort even for a larger room.
  • It is designed with 7 advanced filters that will minimize airborne pollutants and maximize your comfort all along the year.
Summer AC and benefits
Stay Comfortable with Air Conditioning unit even at sweltering summer days

We trust this helps you to pick the right Air Conditioner for this summer and stay out of heat. Because you deserve to stay cool all day, all year!

Now, get ready to beat the heat! Reach the nearby AC showrooms to buy a new air conditioner for your home!


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