As the planet heats up, the demand for cooling technology is getting high every year. Many researchers and AC companies are developing innovative technologies for a more energy efficient and cooler future.

AC is not just to cool the air around you, it is about refining the habitual atmosphere. Let’s see, what are the Latest Air Conditioner Technologies to buy in 2020?

Top 10 Latest AC technologies to consider buying in 2020

Smart Cooling Technologies

Many top Air Conditioner brands use sensor technology to enable smart cooling.

Hitachi have launched iSee technology with an intelligent image sensor Technology. It provides an equal cooling comfort for users inside the room by detecting no. of people, location and their activity in the room. This minimizes the wastage of cooling.

Like this, Brands such as Blue star and Carrier have come up with Precise Cooling Technology and Follow me feature to provide effective and smart cooling.

Best Air Conditioners with latest technology
Smart Cooling Technology Air Conditioners 2020

AC Control Technologies through App

AC manufacturers have fulfilled the needs of the users with smart controlling Apps. You can control your Air conditioning system with an App using Smartphone.

LG flagship model air Conditioners have Smart ThinQ, that allows you to control the Air conditioner from anywhere with Wifi.

Similarly, Hitachi enables the option of monitoring your ac with smartphones and Pc with WiFi Connect and WiFi Direct technologies. Whirlpool Air conditioners have app control features that allows you to estimate energy consumption based on the usage.

Air Flow Technologies

Many Air conditioners from top brands such as Hitachi, LG, Carrier, Blue star give extreme comfort with 4D swing function. It ensures the room cooling by blowing cool air in multiple directions.

They also manufacture Air conditioners with wider angle and larger fan for even air distribution inside the room without leaving any corners.

Coanda Airflow technology of Daikin doesn’t allow the cold air to hit the people directly. It opens upwards instead.

Fast Cooling Technologies

Air Conditioner manufacturers adopt various technologies to cool the room in a jiffy. The fast cooling technology of LG is inspired from ambience in the Himalayas. Himalaya Cool technology of LG replicates the hill station feel at home itself.

Whereas, Diakin comes up with Power chill Technology to cool the room quickly within 20 minutes and Whirlpool has Turbo Cool for extreme cooling with dual air compressor.

Best Air Conditioner Technologies to buy in 2020 - review
Comfort throughout the day with Latest AC technologies

Humidity Control Technologies

As the AC over works in summer some might fail to control humidity in monsoon and result in water leakage. To get rid of this, most of the new model AC of LG, Bluestar, Carrier, Voltas comes with Dehumidification or Dry mode to control the humidity.

Anti VOC Filters

Anti- VOC filters are used in many Air Conditioners of top AC brands to eliminate toxic VOCs and ensure pure. Blue Star’s Cold Plasma technology generates a natural bioclimate in the Air conditioner and provides a healthy atmosphere.

Auto Cleaning Technologies

Filters are the most important component in AC, if we let it without proper maintenance they drastically decrease in performance and cooling capacity of the ac. Air conditioners of top rated brands like Hitachi, LG, Carrier, Bluestar have Auto Clean functions like iClean, Blow clean and iCleasnser technology that cleans its own filters with different techniques and methods.

Dual Inverter Technology

Digital Inverter Technology is one of the most important innovations in air conditioning systems that have pushed the boundaries of ac technologies.

LG, Bluestar and Hitachi come with the best inverter technologies. The revolutionary technology includes Dual Cool of LG, Dual Flow Expansion Technology (DFET) of Hitachi and Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor of Blue star.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerants

The AC refrigerants like R-410 is a type of hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) which is absolutely eco- friendlier and doesn’t affect ozone. Many Hitachi Inverter AC are loaded with R- 410 Refrigerant for superior Performance.

AC with Best technologies price and review 2020
Stay Healthy with the best Air Conditioner technologies

Stabilizer Free Operation

Stabilizer free operation ensures that you don’t spend separately to get stabilizer for the AC. Hitachi is one of reputed AC brands that manufacture premium AC with Stabilizer free operation. This helps the AC to work steadily without getting damaged due to excess electricity flow during voltage fluctuations. 


Air Conditioner technologies have evolved far better over the years to make our life easy. Get the perfect Air Conditioner home for this summer that meets all your requirements and needs. It is like a one-time investment that is durable for years. Think better and choose the best AC from the nearby AC showroom or order AC online.

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