The average high temperature for summer is 91 degrees F. It can rise as high as 101 degrees F. During summer we rely on air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable. But our biggest worry when we buy an air conditioner online is whether it will burn a hole in your pocket. But there is a way to keep your electricity bill lower and minimize energy wastage while enjoying the high utility of an AC. 

Here are six tips you can follow this summer to save your money

Simple Tips to reduce AC bills this Summer
How to reduce AC bills this Summer?

Set the right temperature

Studies show the lower you set your temperature, the longer the compressor works resulting in a high electricity bill. BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) mandated the AC manufacturers to keep the default temperature at 24°C. So set your AC temperature between 20 to 25oC to save you from high energy bills. 

Correct installation in an insulated room

This is the easiest way to reduce your AC bills. Always get a trained technician to install The AC. And make sure the room where you plan to install your AC has fewer windows and is less exposed to sunlight. Direct sunlight increases the load on your AC, thus reducing its operational efficiency thereby increasing your electricity bill. Make sure you close your windows and doors before turning on the AC. 

Use a Fan

Keep your ceiling fan or any other fan switched on when the AC is running. A fan helps to circulate the cool air, making the room feel a bit cooler. AC + Fan reduces energy consumption.  

Regular AC maintenance

Servicing your AC helps it run more efficiently. All the dust that accumulates in the filter makes your AC work hard to ensure the cool air reaches your room. Proper regular cleaning and maintenance reduce AC’s energy consumption and saves the device from breaking down. 

Choose the right energy-efficient star-rated AC

The star rating will help you to know the cooling efficiency and energy-efficient of your AC. 5-star rated or 3-star rated AC will work incredibly in cooling your room with minimum energy consumption. Going for the 3 or 5-star rated AC is the best ACs for summer than 1 or 2-star rated AC.

Non-stop usage

Using your AC 24/7 will add load to your AC. When you are not in the room or when the room has cooled enough, turn off your AC. This will give a break to your AC unit and run efficiently and of course, will reduce your AC bills.  

If you decide to buy an air conditioner online for this summer, check the maintenance service of your manufacturer.   


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