There is an extensive range of air conditioners available in the market with great features and AC technologies. Make your summers Ultra-cool by installing a new AC that is One-in-all and All-in-one.

Pushing forward the concept of ‘LG Dual inverter technology’ in Air Conditioners, LG brings you its Super Convertible 5-in-1 AC range. These LG  Air conditioners are accompanied by unique hygiene and health-related smart features.

The new All-in-One LG air conditioners are equipped with amazing features like Air Purifier, UV Nano Sterilization, WIFI, HD Filter with Anti-Virus Protection, and voice control. Also, with a wide range of energy-efficient 5 Star models.

These LG Convertible 5-in-1 Air Conditioners come with health and Hygiene benefits and are touted to reduce the power consumption from 100% to 80% to 60% or 40% and also increase the cooling capacity to 110% when faster cooling is required. In addition to this, you can buy air conditioners online that come with floral and wave pattern designs.

Features of LG Super Convertible 5-in-1 AC

Buy LG Super Convertible 5-in-1 AC Online
LG Super Convertible 5-in-1 AC Online

DUAL Inverter Compressor

LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor with Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor has a wider rotational frequency which saves more energy along with a high cooling range than conventional compressors. This ensures that our DUAL Inverter ACs cool faster, last longer, and run quieter.

4 Way Swing

The horizontal and vertical swing action ensures better airflow while giving uniform cooling.

Ocean Black Fin

LG DUALCOOL ACs come with Ocean Black Fin to offer unbeatable protection against dust, smoke, and chemicals present in the environment and also offers protection against fin corrosion which in return provide better cooling and cost-saving.

100% Copper with Ocean Black Protection

Special Ocean Black Protection applied to both Indoor & Outdoor units provide exceptional durability for the air conditioner in typical Indian regions affected from sand, salt, industrial smoke & pollutants.

Stabilizer Free Plus

The compressor is the most important component of an air conditioner. It has an enhanced range of 120-290V stabilizer-free operation, that prevents from voltage fluctuation.

All these new technologies and amazing features make LG AC’s a must-buy! What are you waiting for? Buy the latest Air conditioners online at an offer price with the ongoing summer AC sales.


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