AC filters are vital to the protection and efficiency of your home air con system (check out the highest Air Purifier Reviews here). If you’ve got a low-quality filter or a filter that doesn’t work correctly, the efficiency of your air conditioning system is significantly impaired and it’ll not function to chill down your home as quickly or easily. Furthermore, without a properly functioning AC filter, you run the danger of leaks or other damage developing within your home.

If you’re in the marketplace for a high-quality AC filter, keep reading the subsequent air conditioning filters reviews to find out more about the top rated best AC filters on the market.

Types of Top AC filters available in 2020

Electrostatic air filters

An electrostatic filter can remove dust particles through the electrostatic charge. The charge magnetic effect can attract dust particles and debris . It remains attracted through static charge as long as released by cleaning and washing.

There are lots of advantages from electrostatic air filters.

Lifelong warranty


It decreases dust, pollen, and other pollutants

Cleaning is a smaller amount troublesome

Nevertheless, consistent cleaning is required. If cleaning is consistent then the filter will give many years of uninterrupted service. In India Electrostatic filters are in Daikin AC.

Nano Silver Filter

One interesting fact about silver is that it’s been known for its anti-bacterial quality from the days of ancient Greece.

Nano Silver could be a synonym for antibacterial technology.  This fabulous formula can directly attack and destroy cells in bacteria and chemical compounds. When titanium dioxide is exposed to ultraviolet, it can create electrons within the excited state.

This eventually reacts with Oxygen and produces superoxide ions. It then reacts with water vapour to provide hydroxyl radicals. Hydroxyl and superoxide ions together are a lethal combination in bacteria destroying .

Plastic mesh filters

These Filters are commonly installed at the return air of most indoor units of room or window cooling systems. They trap bigger particles of dust and will be cleaned every time period and more frequent if the space being conditioned is polluted.

If you check out the manual, they’re easy to take out from the unit. Wash thoroughly with water and household dishwashing detergent to get rid of dirt that stuck to it. Leave to dry and put back.

Carbon and Adhesive filters

Carbon and adhesive Filters are other types used. Carbon type is created of activated carbon that is effective in removing odor causing gases and bacteria. Adhesive type is made of fiber glass material and cotton is coated with adhesive oil or liquid which trapped the particles.

Ultraviolet Light air filter

Ultraviolet Light filters aren’t simply air filters. They’re more of a destroyer. It uses UV light to destroy the bacteria. It kills the bacteria and annihilates viruses, molds, and yeasts.

This filter is right for someone who is repeatedly sick. This purifier is useful in an environment where cleanliness is vital. It’s useful in hospitals to stop infections and diseases.

Ultraviolet Light purifiers don’t remove solid particles, dust, and allergens from the air. However, they’re quite effective in removing Chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, and bad odor.

Other than these there is a plethora of AC Filters giving different benefits. They are Anti- VOC Filter, Vitamin C Filter, Catechin Filter and far more…


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