Quality, versatility and brand value are a few things which consumers associate with Samsung when it involves electrical/electronic appliances. Samsung has made many innovative changes in its AC to form their offering more alluring to the customers. The wind-free triangular design is a quintessential example of that.

Due to incremental rise in temperature per annum and increasing level of aspiration amongst young Indian social class with higher levels of income and easy access to financing, ACs have witnessed double-digit growth within the past few years. We’ll discuss all those latest and important technologies which new Samsung ACs offer.

Key Samsung AC Technologies

Smart Control Smart Installation

The new ACs especially the high-end ones go along with Samsung’s Smart Home app to regulate the AC using the smartphone. Gladly, Smart Home app not only allows the user to manage their AC but also control all the compatible Samsung appliances, that too from anywhere. Talking about AC specific controls, this dedicated app also allows the user to observe their power usage, fan speed, and louver swing.

Smart Installation

Adding to Smart Control, new Samsung ACs also come with a Smart Installation feature that performs self-diagnosis ensuring peace of mind for the user. It automatically checks for installation faults which may cause malfunctioning later within the smooth operation of the AC. Installation faults include checking the integrity of the air pipe, refrigerant flow and communication mismatch between indoor and outdoor units.

Fast Cooling Mode

New Samsung ACs are armored with Fast Cooling mode to run the compressor at the utmost level, with the fastest fan speed for up to half-hour. While doing so, it brings down the room temperature quickly, converting the room into a cool haven. After quickly cooling the space within half-hour, AC automatically switches to Comfort mode to keep up the specified temperature without making further increment in the temperature. This means users won’t feel unbearably cold once they activate the Fast Cooling mode once the room is optimally cooled. Also, it eliminates the effort of adjusting the settings to control the temperature.

Dehumidification Mode

Summer season makes the AC overwork and with the monsoon to follow, ordinary ACs could fail to regulate the humidity or maybe end in water leakage. During the rainy season, conventional air conditioners not only consume more energy but also make the room uncomfortably cold which can cause health ailment like sneezing, cold or even headache. Samsung being an experienced brand has noted this problem specific to the subcontinent’s climate. As an answer to it, Samsung ACs come with Dehumidification mode. On enabling this mode, the refrigerant cycle is expedited to rapidly extract humidity from the space. Thus, Samsung’s new air conditioning removes excess moisture from the space in order that the dampness vanishes.

Full HD Filter with Auto-Clean Functionality

Samsung ACs accompany Full HD filters with improved filter design capable of decimating even the littlest microscopic impurities to stop the user from the scourges of polluted air. With an improved density, this filter creates dust-free air circulation. The filter comes with an anti-bacterial coating to kill the resident bacteria. Another good thing is that it doesn’t wear out even when coming in touch with the corrosive elements.

Single User Mode

Cooling capacity depends on a number of things and one of them is that the number of people inside the room. More the number of people, more the AC has to work to keep the room clean. So, there are times when you are completely alone within the air-conditioned room and start to feel cold even if the temperature is about to a higher value. Actually, being alone with the Samsung AC brings a chance to save lots of electricity, thanks to its Single User mode. So, whenever the user enables this mode, Samsung ACs change their capacity, making the inverter operate at a lower frequency thereby saving a good amount of energy. Samsung believes this mode would allow the user to avoid wasting around 26% of energy.

Biosleep Mode

Just like Single User mode, there’s another propitious mode called Biosleep mode designed to provide users comfortable sleep at nighttime. This mode ensures that the foremost comfortable environmental temperature is maintained for a good night’s sleep which is achieved in 3 stages:

1. Falling asleep stage: Eases the user into sleep by dropping the temperature

2. Sound sleep stage: Relaxes the body and raises the room temperature slightly

3. Wake up stage: Allows the user to get up with comfortable intermittent air sprinkled with freshness.

Thus, Biosleep mode through its smart temperature control keeps the user comfortable, assists them to sleep faster, ensure uninterrupted deep sleep, and at last wakes them fully refreshed.

Durafin and Multijet Technology

Samsung has innovated their device design which helps them to cut back the size of the outdoor unit through Multijet technology. ACs coming with Multijet technology accompany a minimalistic flat surface design that reduces air resistance compared to traditional heat exchangers. Multijet technology bolsters the heat exchanger performance leading to faster heat exchange which in turn cools the enclosed room faster.

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