Bring Home an Godrej AC and Stay Cool This Summer


Air conditioners are ubiquitous; you will find them in every smart person’s home or office. If the sales figures of online stores are any indication, ACs have already become an inseparable part of millions of Indians’ lives. However, choosing the best AC that fulfils all your requirements is an art, as there are hundreds of options available when you want to buy an AC online.

Why Do We Need an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners have become an essential part of our lives because of the following reasons.

An Air conditioner gives the following benefits:

  1. Improves the quality of sleep
  2. Improves the quality of inside-room air and reduces risks of respiratory diseases like asthma
  3. Keeps insects, fleas, and pests away from the room
  4. Increases the output at work, as we stop worrying about physical discomfort
  5. Keeps our tempers in check
  6. Increases the lifespan of indoor furniture by blocking heat and humidity
  7. Reduces overheating and protects electronic devices like desktops, laptops, and TVs
  8. Secures our room by keeping the doors and windows closed
  9. Preserves our wardrobe from heat and humidity-induced discolouration of clothes

What Makes Carrier ACs the Most Popular?

Carrier ACs are associated with durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. That being said, finding out the best carrier AC brand online is no mean feat. At first, you have to choose the type, which can be either portable, split, or window. Then, you have to figure out the heating and cooling capacity, energy rating, filters and dehumidifier, cleaning facilities, and other features. At last, you have to figure out the budget and choose the right type.

If all of these sound too terrifying, we have got it sorted for you. After scanning many ACs on the shelves of different online showrooms, we zeroed in on Godrej ACs and surprisingly, they satisfied even the toughest of screening parameters.

The Top-5 Features That Make Godrej ACs Stand Out

1. Hurricane Mode

Godrej ACs’ Artic Cool technology offers ultra-fast cooling at the blink of an eye. As the indoor units are larger than many other ACs, its unique Hurricane Mode circulates air extremely fast and cools any type of room.

2. 4 Way Airflow 

Generally, ACs disperse air in two ways – up and down. Most Godrej ACs disperse air in 4 ways – up, down, left, right. This ensures your room gets evenly cooled. Additionally, the IAT mode automatically senses the ambient temperature and adjusts the fan blades accordingly.

3. iSense 

How cool would it be if the AC you buy online identifies your location inside the room and provides optimum cooling? Godrej ACs do exactly that. As a result, you not only get maximum comfort but also save electricity.

4. Auto Clean 

Maintenance of AC is something that even the best of AC lovers forget. With Godrej ACs Auto-Clean technology, cleaning the filter is no more a problem. Its Silver Ion and Catechin filters detect and neutralise bacteria and make the room odour-free.

5. Green Balance

Godrej NXW ACs use R290 refrigerant, which has zero potential for depleting the ozone layer. Its potential to cause global warming stands at 20 and is much lesser than R32 (716).

To Conclude,
The summer heat can be grueling, and choosing the right AC can save you from the inconvenience of dealing with the summer. Make sure to choose an AC with an array of features that can cut the heat out and make air conditioning the least of your summer worries.


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