Ever felt curious about what makes it so important to get your AC serviced every year? Just like many other appliances, Air conditioners need a regular service to function effectively and efficiently throughout its life span.

We’d like to pose a question for you: When was the last time you had your air conditioner serviced?

Most of us don’t realize the importance of regular AC servicing and the benefits it offers in the long run.  

Benefits of servicing your AC on a regular basis

If you think you can save money by skipping AC service, there is a huge chance of losing your money in many ways. How? Missing air conditioner service may cause several problems inside your AC like water leakage, not cooling enough, AC won’t turn off / on, fan stops working and far more….

Regular maintenance to your air conditioning unit helps it to perform better in many ways like,

  • Great Energy Efficiency
  • Gives Longer Operational life
  • Lowers your overall repair Costs
  • Chances of major breakdown will be reduced
  • Results in better Air Quality
  • Offers you more Comfort
Regular AC service importance and benefits
Do Regular AC service every year for better performance

How frequent should you go for an AC service?

Our experts suggest you do air conditioner service once a year if no problems are suspected. Spring is the finest time to go with your yearly service. It will be ready to chill your house in the months when you need it most.

What does an air conditioner regular service necessitate?

A professional service technician will find and fix all the problems in your AC. The process includes,

  • Cleaning the condenser coils
  • Cleaning the evaporator coils
  • Oiling the motors of fan if necessary
  • Checking the amperes draw of the compressor and all other components
  • Checking the refrigerant level
  • Checking the system operating pressures
  • Checking the system operating temperatures
  • Tightening all the electrical terminals
  • Checking the sensors
  • Checking the accuracy of the thermostats
  • Checking for air leaks and damage in all duct work
  • Applying a non- conductive coating if needed
  • Checking and testing condensate tray, p trap and drains
  • Checking all safety devices of ac unit
  • Checking operation of motors of all zone
Best place to do air conditioner services
Get the best air conditioner services from the professional service technicians

Bottom line:

Remember the frequency of getting your air conditioning unit services varies according to the model, age and how it has been used. Apart from yearly service, your AC might need some maintenance for filters, coils, coil fins and condensate drains. Also know how to prepare your AC for seasonal use, it helps you to protect the AC and stay comfortable all the time.

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