Do you know why we use Air Filters? If we consider AC as a warrior against heat, Filters will be the shield protecting us in various ways.

It filters the irritants, particulates and does more!

As they do all these favors for us, it’s our duty to change it for a variety of reasons like,

Ensure Air Conditioning unit longevity

Operating an air conditioner with a dirty filter for prolonged lengths of time will cause potential damage to the system.

When air can’t flow into the unit, the AC overheats. Then the fan and motor will work harder to maintain an appropriate temperature inside and out. This eventually led in damage or worn-out components.

Regularly changing the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions saves money in repair or replacement costs.

Improves air quality 

If the Air filters are clean…. it ensures that clean, fresh conditioned air enters the home or workplace.

Clean air is important for young children and elderly adults at home.

Anyone at home or office with chronic respiratory conditions or allergies also need clean air to be healthy.

By regularly changing the filter, indoor air remains free from microscopic particles that could impair health.

Reduces operating costs 

Dirty filters make the air conditioning unit use more energy to keep components cool.

By ensuring that the filter is regularly changed, you can save up to 15 percent on your cooling costs, as the unit does not have to keep running to stay cool and produce cool air.

Better for the environment 

If filters are not regularly changed, the air conditioner works harder, this results in an increase of carbon monoxide and other toxic gasses to escape into the environment.

Being eco-friendly is as simple as changing the filter as recommended

How often should your air filter be changed?

It differs depending on the various sorts of filters, but anywhere between one and three months is advised!

To learn more about how to change your air filter and Air Conditioner maintaining tips, stay tuned with us!

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