None of us wants to suffer in sweltering summer. At the same time, no one is ready to let our AC blow all the money away, right?!

What is the real solution? How can we beat the heat economically?

Summer is almost here. The school vacation and endless fun might make the kids overwhelmed with joy, but the actual hatred over the summer season will start when it hits the peak! Luckily, there are some astute ways to beat the heat and fight your whopping air conditioning costs.

Setting temperature low is not a smart move

If you set a lower temperature, your AC compressor works longer to get the room temperature down and results in more power consumption. By doing this, you possibly stress the air conditioning systems that could cause too much wear and tear. This will affect the lifetime and durability of your Air Conditioner.

When you increase the temperature to 22-25 degrees, the compressor will work only till the desired temperature is reached and the AC fan does its job to maintain the temperature.

Ideal Air Conditioner Temperature

The compressor restarts only when the thermostat detects an increase in temperature, this helps you to keep the power consumption under control.

Do you know that setting AC temperature at 24 degrees is enough to make you feel comfortable even in high humidity situations?  Yeah, setting your temperature above 23 degrees is the best temperature for Air conditioning to save money during the summer.

This is why we highly recommend you to operate your Air conditioner between 23 and 25 degrees in summer to make sure maximum energy efficiency from your unit.

Things to remember

Your AC power consumption doesn’t just depend on the temperature you set it at. It also depends on,

  •  Star rating of the Air Conditioner
  • Hours of usage
  • No. of people in the room
  • Size of the room

So, consider all these aspects and act smart when you buy a new Air conditioner for the upcoming summer.

Other Tips

  1. Instead of depending on your AC, make sure you also use fans. It highly helps in maintaining the room temperature cool.
  2. By Cleaning and maintaining your AC on a regular basis, you’ll be able to save money on electricity.
  3. Set your Air Conditioner system fan in Auto- mode instead of running it continuously.
  4. Taking a shower before going to bed at night will help you to cool down. So you can go to bed comfortably after setting AC at a moderate temperature.

We are sure! Applying these tips will aid you to keep cool and save your money from burning in summer! 

What are you waiting for? Rush to the AC showroom near you to beat this summer!!


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