Summer will soon be scorching at its best level in India. Isn’t this the time when we people start praising the inventors of Air Conditioner for his highly appreciable invention! Dramatic right?! But that is the exact scenario repeatedly happening, year by year when summer hits its peak!

Most of the Indians are muddled by a huge variety of air Conditioners and coolers available in the market. So, we thought of helping you to choose the coolest home appliance for the upcoming hot summer.

Type of Air Conditioner

The first thing you should consider is the type of AC according to your Room Size!
Selecting the type of AC depends on several factors like, the area that needs to be cooled and the level of heat outside the enclosed area.

In case, if you want to cool down a huge space or even a house and building, it is smart considering central Air conditioners.

If you’re planning for smaller places like one or two rooms, you would do well to consider window air conditioner. There are other types like Split AC, Portable Ac and Cassette AC.

Size and Cooling Capacity

Secondly, choose the perfect size and cooling capacity you need!
Picking the right size air conditioner matters much. If you purchase an air conditioner with a smaller capacity than you actually need, that doesn’t mean you’ll save money. It results in high electrical bills and makes your situation worse.

Buying a higher capacity AC is more expensive and there are greater chances for you to end up burning your pocket with unnecessary energy bills in summer.

To get optimum result of cooling, all you need to know is some basics and calculate needed tonnage. The following list of calculation assumes upto 5 people in the room,

  • Room Size from 80-150 sq.ft need 1 ton size AC
  • Room Size from 150-250 sq.ft need 1.5 ton size AC

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