Every Heating and Cooling unit needs year-round maintenance for them to operate smoothly and effectively.

When you plan to prepare your Air Conditioning Unit for the winter months, consider the below given Simple but essential Winter AC Maintenance Tips.

Easy tips to maintain Air Conditioning System in Winter

Clean the condenser. Turn off the power to the condenser unit before beginning the cleaning process:

The exterior power circuit will be in a small box mounted to the side of your home. Simply lift the plastic or metal cover to find the red switch. Now, Flip the switch to the “Off” position and close the lid. Turning off the A/C or Condenser Unit prevents the risk of electrocution as you perform maintenance tasks

Cleaning the unit prevents the AC from getting clogged and breaking down when you use it during the spring and summer. Make sure the seals are tight and it is not cracked. Look for rust in the casing, as well as leaks and other irregularities.

Change your air filter. A clean air filter helps to protect air Conditioning system components and improve the quality of your indoor air.

Cover up. After its final use, place a specially designed AC cover over the Air Conditioning unit, ensuring the fit isn’t too tight, to allow for ventilation which prevents rust build up and nesting by small animals. Alternatively, you can secure a waterproof tarp around the unit using bungee cords or ropes so it doesn’t blow away when there are strong winds.

Perform periodic inspections. Inspect the area around the outdoor unit once a week or 2 throughout the winter to ensure the cover remains in place, and remove any buildup of snow, ice, or debris.

Regularly maintaining your Air Conditioning Unit will extend its life, increase its efficiency and minimize the need for repairs. If you’re uncomfortable or unable to perform any of the above listed functions, call the professionals for the Maintenance and Service.

For many Branded Air Conditioners, they provide Free Services up to one year. Check with the Salesperson from the Air Conditioner Showroom where you usually buy Air Conditioners about this. Many Online Air Conditioner shopping Stores suggest some best AC service people.


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