Summer without Air Conditioners makes you feel living inside an oven. Agree? Well most of us use our Air Conditioners at its maximum level in this season. Here are the Air Conditioner Maintenance tips to get effective cooling without letting your AC go for any repair in summer!

5 Best AC maintenance guide for a better performance and durability

Get you AC serviced in spring every year

As we have already told in our previous Importance of regular AC service, Annual Tune-up for Air conditioners is vital to keep the air conditioning system running with optimum energy efficiency. Contact a professional Technician to check and do yearly AC service. They make sure that all your system parts are in order and inspect, clean your air conditioning unit to increase its durability and efficiency.

AC servicing
AC servicing

Change your Air Filters

It is good to change your air filter each month when it is a less expensive fiberglass filter and once in a six month if it is a high end pleated filter. If the filter gets filled with allergens and dust, it gets clogged and limits the airflow. This makes your ac to strain and run efficiently. Changing the air filter can be easily done as the filters are available in many local stores and online Ac shops.

Cleaning the coils

In order to minimize energy usage and reduce bills, the coils of your air conditioner should be cleaned at least once in a year. Remember that the condenser coils and dirty evaporator can increase the energy usage of your ac over 30%. There are many ways to clean the coil for better performance.

Check for blockages and Leaks

To ensure your home stay cool in summer, you should check for the blockages and leaks. Inspecting your ducts connection, tiny holes and separation of parts is must. It helps you air conditioning system function at peak efficiency throughout the summer.

Refrigerant Level inspection

Make it easy to work for your air conditioning unit with plenty of refrigerant. This results in efficient cooling without working twice as hard. Remember that if the refrigerant level are low, it typically signifies your system might have a leak.

Do not forget to clean the drain pipe, blower components and lubricate all the moving parts.

Hope, our AC Maintenance tips help you. Got any questions? Drop it in the Comment box. Summer is in full swing, this means you have to work smart!  For more tips, air conditioner buying guide and reviews stay tuned with us.


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