As technology enhances and the world continues to progress, abnormal weather and temperature shifts are becoming a norm. The summer season is perceived diversely in every part of the globe, but one thing that stays constant is the rising need for ACs. Summers have been getting hotter every year, thus increasing the importance of ACs in every sector and industry. Despite an unprecedented surge in the demand for ACs in the industrial sector, households hold a vital market share too. 

Right Air Conditioner for your room
Right Air Conditioner for your room

There can be numerous reasons for you to opt for an AC, but there are certain aspects you should consider before buying one. Finding the right AC for your home can seem like an intricate task, but analyzing a handful of key factors can help you choose the best AC

Here is everything you should consider before buying an AC for home:

Importance of AC During Summers

The modern world is abundant with handy devices and equipment to ease up our daily proceedings. ACs are among these types of equipment, and they hold substantial significance in households globally. The equipment makes the summer bearable and has several health benefits too. Buying the best Air Conditioner for your home has quite a few advantages, and some of the prominent ones are:

  • ACs reduce humidity in the air.
  • They create a comfortable environment to prevent fatigue and stress.
  • Vital in areas with abnormally high-temperatures like deserts.

Why and How Should We Consider Room Size While Purchasing an AC?

Picking the right AC for room size is a crucial decision as it can save electricity, enhance cooling, and also eliminate humidity. That’s why assessing the Air Conditioner sizing holds immense significance. 

A common myth regarding AC sizing is that a bigger AC is always better. While a bigger AC can cool the room quickly, it won’t be effective since eliminating humidity takes time. Moreover, an unnecessarily big AC can rack up a high electricity bill too. On the other hand, a small AC won’t cool the room efficiently, thus not serving the actual purpose. 

How to Calculate the Right AC?

You’ve to buy an AC with apt tonnage (amount of heat the AC can remove in an hour) to get the most effective cooling. Here’s how to calculate the perfect Air Conditioner sizing:

How to calculate the right AC for your room
How to calculate the right AC for your room
  1. Firstly, calculate your room area. (Length x Breadth = Square Footage)
  2. Now divide the area by 600 for computing the standard capacity. If the room size is 100 square feet, then (100/600) shows that you need a capacity of 0.167 tons.
  3. Extra 0.5 ton will be added to the standard capacity for every 5 people within the room. (An AC packing 0.8-ton standard capacity is ideal for a 100 square feet room.)
  4. Additionally, if you live in an area that generally crosses 40 degrees, then add an extra 0.5 for perfect cooling.

You should also review the energy efficiency ratings to choose the best Air Conditioner. The right AC for home proposes numerous added benefits, making the assessment more crucial.


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