Looking for a smart way to cut your power bill? An Energy efficient Air Conditioner should top your list. AC replacement is one of the smartest home improvement ideas today.

Here is why to buy energy efficient AC for your home,

Energy efficiency of an Air Conditioner is denoted as Star rating. When the number of Star ratings is high, it results in less energy consumption and works efficiently. This helps in saving the cost of power, than your regular ac with less star ratings.

Planning to upgrade your Air Conditioner and getting ready to buy AC online? Consider the tips given below.

Points to remember before choosing an energy efficient Air Conditioner
Size of your Living Space

You have to decide the square footage of areas to be cooled. A very large Air Conditioner for a small space will increase your power consumption. If you choose a small ac for a large area, the unit has to work more efficiently to the entire area. This may cost a high power consumption and energy bill.

Consider AC Cooling Capacity

To get optimum result of cooling, all you need to know is some basics and calculate needed tonnage.

The following list of calculation assumes up to 5 people in the room,

Room Size from 80-150 sq.ft need 1 ton size AC

Room Size from 150-250 sq.ft need 1.5 ton size AC

Better calculate your room size and choose the Air Conditioning unit according to that.

Compare the Air Conditioning Unit’s Energy Efficiency

SEER rating is efficiency at which your AC produces cooling. The Higher the Seasonal Energy efficiency ratio is, the greater the air conditioner’s efficiency. Check with the AC showrooms nearby and Compare the AC unit’s energy efficiency before buying.

Energy Star Certification and Star ratings

If you want to relish air conditioner power usage savings, search for an AC unit with the blue Energy Star Certification. This is a mark that indicates an Air Conditioning unit delivers high-efficiency standards.

Consider buying an AC with a higher Star Rating to save several percent from the electricity bill.

Consider Smart Technology

You can choose Wi-Fi enabled Air Conditioning units for increased convenience. Air Conditioners with Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, makes it easy to use digital assistants like Siri and Alexa. Such Smart Air Conditioners are easy to adjust and makes it easier to save costs on air conditioning.

High Power bills is the signal for an Air Conditioner upgrade. Energy efficient AC units are available in all models of Air Conditioners including window AC, Split AC, Portable and Ductless mini.

Consider advanced technologies and filters of Air Conditioners before placing your order in nearby AC showrooms. Now you can shop Air Conditioners online from the best Online AC Shops.

What’s stopping you? Hurry up!! Grab the Great Deals on Air Conditioners online and upgrade your AC now with more savings.


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