Got plans for Air conditioner shopping? Know the latest AC technologies of Top Air Conditioner brands in 2020.

Hitachi is one of the reputed brands in air conditioning. Being a Japanese Brand, Hitachi produces high quality Air Conditioners with advanced features and improved technologies.

It offers a complete catalog of ACs from commercial to residential, from windows to split and inverter based to fixed speed ones. Innovation, versatility and energy efficiency in large appliances are the key theme of Hitachi Air Conditioners.

Latest Hitachi Air Conditioner Technologies

Smart Air Conditioning Technology

iSense and iSee technologies are one of the key Hitachi AC technologies for Smart Air Conditioning.

The new model Air Conditioners of Hitachi are equipped with iSee Technology.  The main philosophy of iSee technology is to make sure that the airflow is directed only towards people present in the room instead of bunting the airflow on the wall. Another important feature is it also recognizes human absence in the room for a specified time and the switches off the AC automatically to avoid wastage of cooling.

Hitachi ACs with the iSense technology comes with an advanced sensor which detects human movement during the sleep. In case of no active movement, the Air Conditioner increases the thermostat temperature by one degree centigrade per hour for the next 2 hours. In this way comfortable and uninterrupted sleep is ensured. Sensors are so smart. It detects your movement when you wake up in the morning and restores back the original preset temperature.

Peeps who’re looking for a Smart Air Conditioning unit, can order Hitachi AC online with the above smart technologies.

Hot & Cold AC for Contrasting Conditioning

Many has an opinion that AC is to make the Space Cool. But the pioneers of air conditioning systems invented it with an idea of “conditioning”. Air Conditioners helps in setting your room or space to a desired/specific temperature.

They heat the room during the frosty winters and Cool down the temperature during scorching summer. Well, the modern Hitachi Air Conditioners including windows (Kaze series) can implement that theory (of heating during winters) too.

The latest Hitachi Air Conditioners comes with a built-in heater functionality in the form of heat mode option, which upon enabling reverses the air conditioning process.

This results in circulation of hot air inside the room. Hitachi Hot & Cold ACs can operate in the wide range temperature—from –15oC to 52oC. If you are planning to buy an AC online in winter, then shop Winter Air Conditioners from Hitachi to stay comfortable year around.

Auto Humid Control to Combat High Humidity

During the rainy season, conventional air conditioners not only consume more energy but also make the room uncomfortably cold. This may lead to health illness like sneezing, common cold or even headache.

Being an established brand, Hitachi have noted this problem specific to the subcontinent’s climate. As a solution to it, the latest model Hitachi Air conditioners come with Auto Humid Control technology. Temperature and humidity data of over 100 cities is fed inside the processor of ACs. Based on that, it adjusts the air conditioning. Whenever it detects the high humidity in a room, the refrigerant cycle is expedited to extract humidity out of the room. Many models additionally come with the Dry mode which allows the user to manually dehumidify the room.

Impressive right!!! So what are you waiting for? Buy Hitachi Air Conditioners with Latest Technologies while going for Air Conditioner Shopping.

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