According to researchers, between 1976 and 2018, India has experienced a significant increase in the frequency of hot days. In the peak seasons of summer, April to June, all over India, there have been approximately 25% more heatwaves. To beat the heat, everybody feels the need to install AC for home. According to AC buying guide India 2020, blue star split AC’s are a hit this summer. If you are thinking of buying one, a short guide mentioned below will help you select the best one according to your requirements. 

1. QATU 3 Star Inverter AC 

This split AC with its frequency based microprocessors intelligently varies the temperature while ensuring a precise control to eliminate frequent temperature fluctuations. It comes with the added feature of iFeel technology and Turbo cool, which allows the AC to effectively cool the room in only a few minutes. If you find this blue start split AC online, you can bag the deal from a starting price of INR 38,390. 

2. AATU 3 Star Inverter AC

The self-diagnostic feature of this split AC allows it to protect itself from faulty conditions and ensure proper care. The additional feature of hydrophilic gold fin protects eliminates the possibility of corrosion and increases durability. It is starting at the price of INR 30,990, but you can make an ac price comparison online to get the best deal. 

3. MATU 3 Star Inverter AC

The self-clean technology eliminates the accumulation of dust or any kind of moisture inside the AC unit. It also comes with the additional features of iFeel technology, hidden display, comfort sleep mode, and anti-corrosive fin protection. You can easily find it online through a quick search of ‘online AC showrooms near me.’ 

Blue star 3 star inverter split AC
Blue star 3-star inverter split AC

4. EATU 3 Star Inverter AC

This sleek and powerful AC comes with the modern features of auto mode, auto restart with memory, eco mode, and self-diagnosis feature. The eco mode allows you to save electricity along with giving you a fantastic cooling experience. After power cuts, the AC resumes at the last set temperature by the user, which makes it highly convenient and user-friendly. 

5. P Series Hot and Cool 5 Star Inverter AC 

The hot and cool technology allows the split AC to withstand all climate conditions and deliver optimal precision cooling. The AC comes with advanced features of automatic 4D swing, 7 advanced filters, and iFeel technology. If you buy it from the blue star store, it comes with a 10-year warranty on Inverter compressor. 

Final words,

These are a few of the many options available to buy the best affordable blue star split AC this summer. Do blue star AC shopping online initially just to browse your options before actually going ahead to buy one. Blue star ACs have been a trusted choice of many till now and been rated highly on parameters like value for money, customer support, cooling, and reliability. 


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