An air conditioner is like a lifesaver in the searing summer months. It helps you to stay cool and relaxed! Sometimes air conditioners make you forget which season you’re in!!

Let’s imagine that you’re going to buy an Air conditioner for this summer, what will be your choice of AC?

Don’t forget! Before choosing the capacities and brands of the Air Conditioner, always be sure about the type of Air Conditioner you need! It helps you in many ways…

What are the basic types of Air conditioners?

Window Air Conditioner:

Window AC is one of the most common cooling systems used in the world.

If you walk down a city street and look up, you could see plenty of these air conditioners installed in many windows.

Ideal for – Office, Rooms, Home, Other closed public or workplaces

Window Air Conditioners
Window Air Conditioners


  • It’s easy to install
  • Commonly placed in the window sill and supported with windowpane
  • Cost-efficient
  • Extremely Energy efficient
  • Needs less space

Cassette Air Conditioner:

Cassette AC is unique, as it is mounted on your ceiling.

It is mostly seen in offices as they cool a wide area. It doesn’t require much space. Many homeowners have started buying ceiling cassette air conditioners today.

Ideal for – Office, Shop, Restaurant, School and College

Cassette Air Conditioners
Cassette Air Conditioners


  • High-speed cooling
  • Covers a wide Area
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Sophisticated and classy
  • Easy Maintenance

 Split Air Conditioner:

Split AC is perfect to keep your apartments, single rooms and office spaces cool and comfortable in summer.

It has two parts, an indoor wall-mounted unit, and an outdoor compressor. Many people go for split AC because of the benefits like,

Ideal for – Home and Office

Split Air Conditioners
Split Air Conditioners


  • Great Energy Efficiency
  • Noiseless operation
  • Zoning
  • Easy Installation
  • Looks classy and blends with your décor

Inverter Air Conditioner:

Inverter AC is highly known for energy-saving and fast cooling.

It cuts more than 40 % of your electricity bill compared to other types of split air conditioners. Quick response to variable heating and cooling loads.

Ideal for – Home, Rooms, Commercial Shops, and Office

Inverter Air Conditioners
Inverter Air Conditioners


  • Effective Cooling
  • Consume less power
  • Suitable for both large and small spaces
  • Keeps room temperature constant
  • No voltage fluctuation

All you have to do is hurry up, visit the nearby Air Conditioner Showrooms or reach the best AC dealers near you. There is a wide range of Air conditioning units available in AC showrooms with different price ranges and features. Remember, the Air Conditioner is not a luxury home appliance anymore.

Instead of begging the weather lords and waiting for summer to pass, buy an AC that meets all your requirements and style. Chillax, start feeling the magic of Air conditioners this summer!


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