Choosing one best Air Conditioner brand out of bounteous brands available in the market is a huge task right?!! We are here to make it possible for you.

With a huge effort of our team, we came up with one Iconic Brand that has gained high demand and fast salability in our Indian market.

Everyone knows that Blue Star is the most popular Indian AC Brand whereas Hitachi, O General, Diakin are the top Japanese AC brands highly available in India.

Let’s see which Air Conditioner brand topped the list with the highest demand based on its technology and performance.

Hitachi AC

It is a reputed brand in AC that tops the list for its highly innovative features in Air conditioning. Hitachi offers premium quality products with advanced technology and improved features in its ACs. Recently they’ve launched 5 star Air conditioners with iConnect technology!

Hitachi Air Conditioner

What is iConnect?

iConnect is the short form of Internet connectivity! This unique feature of Hitachi lets you control the Air Conditioner via any device through the internet. The AC Remote control app of Hitachi is compatible with iOS Smartphones and provides monitoring and controlling capabilities.

Hitachi ACs are highly preferable for its quick cooling. Most of the Hitachi Air Conditioners are designed to start at a high RPMs in order to make the room temperature to the desired level swiftly. In the same way, Hitachi iConnect Air Conditioner comes with 5500 watts cooling capacity.

As we Indians always long to escape from the hot summer, there is no wonder why the Hitachi Air Conditioners gained a high demand in the Indian Market.

‎Hitachi iConnect Technology

We are sure! With Hitachi, you’ll be able to approach an age where connectivity defines everything faster than others.

Following this iconic brand of Air Conditioner, other brands like LG, Diakin falls under the list of highly demanded Air Conditioner brands in India for the upcoming summer season.

Note: Before making any purchase of Air Conditioner in your nearest AC Showrooms, make sure about the tonnage you need for your family. Many agencies and brands offer Online Tonnage calculator, use it wisely and make a smart purchase for your home.


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