Thinking about upgrading your Cassette AC with a Higher Capacity Cassette Air Conditioner?  Well you are at the right place.

We help you to find the best branded Cassette AC with High Capacity that makes you more feel comfortable and also turns your ceiling look classy.

Let’s Jump into the main session!

OG 4 Ton Cassette AC (4TAUG54FUASR410A)

O’ General also Known as OG is one of the top Brands offering a wide range of Air Conditioners in various capacities and Types.

O’ General Cassette AC 4 TR- AUG54FUAS has

•        Refrigerant R410A

•        Quiet Operation Technology

•        Removes Moisture

•        Standard Quality Up/Down Swing Flaps

•        Automatic Flaps and Auto Shut

•        Adjusts Air Flow Automatically

It also has many convenience features like,

•        Auto Restart

•        Sleep Timer

•        Program Timer

Connectable Distributing Duct and Connectable Fresh Air Duct.

Suitable For: Room with 300 sq.ft Or above

Haier 4 Ton Inverter Cassette AC (4TAB48HC1ERA)

Cassette Air Conditioner with 4 Ton capacity and Inverter from one of the leading AC brands.

Highly suitable for Residential areas for cooling purposes, it also has Long Working Life.

Optimum functionality with less maintenance

Works efficiently as it has Copper coil condenser and Rotary Compressor.

Its fabulous features help in effective cooling and maintain the desired temperature with 360 degree air flow.

The Four Way Air Flow technology throws air perfectly and serves every nook and corner of the room.

Daikin 3.5 Ton Cassette Inverter AC (3.5TRZVF125BRY16)

Daikin offers a wide choice of cassette AC with different Capacities. We have mentioned this particular model ceiling mounted Cassette AC with 3.5 Ton in our previous blogs briefly with Price range.

It has Individual Air flow control, Inverter, 360 degree airflow and hermetically sealed Swing.

Helps in cooling your home or office space efficiently.

Now you can Place your order online at Air Conditioner Showrooms. If you are planning to buy an Air Conditioner in 2020, put on your mask before going to your nearby AC showrooms. Stay Home and Shop AC online smartly.


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