We usually think that we’re breathing in safe air, just because we stay inside our home! Is that true?

According to an international survey, the air pollution level in homes can be more than the outdoor pollution. No is here to blame, it’s because of the lifestyle we follow now.

The air we breathe is loaded with microbes and other impurities. This has become a part of our life.  Most of our homes have air conditioners that necessitate the shutting of natural ventilation. Hence, we have the same air circulating inside the home with no avenue of escape.

Anti-bacterial Filter

Well, this is why we use filters in AC. The Anti-bacterial filter is one of the frequently used air purifying filters, which acts as a complement to the other types of filters in an AC.

The design of the anti- bacterial filter helps in removal of harmful irritants and particulates from the air and purifies it before recirculating into the rooms.

The absence of dust and other irritants automatically improves the overall cooling performance of the AC and gives fresh air to breathe.

Advantages of using Antibacterial Filter

  • The most important advantage is, it traps the particles including dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, and viruses.
  • The regular use of this filter in the air conditioning units will improve the quality of indoor air. Hence, it benefits asthma patients and children a lot. As it provides significant relief from air pollution related problems.
  • By removing the dust particles and other irritants like microbes, these filters increase the lifespan of the air conditioning units and enhance their performance.
  • The improved performance levels of your AC units end up in saving a lot on your electricity bills.
  • They are economical to use and easy to install
  • These Anti-Bacterial filters are easy to clean using a simple vacuum cleaner.
  • Anti-Bacterial filters give your Air Conditioner a longer lifespan
  • The indoor air will remain clean and pollution-free due to the less dust floating in the air.

Make it a habit to inquire with the Air Conditioner Dealers or Agency about the AC filters available. Because, the filter in your AC plays an essential role to save your family from these possible diseases caused by air pollution.

Be Aware and Be Smart!


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