When the summer is nearing and the temperature is rising heavily, it is really hard to keep your head straight and sane enough. There has obviously been a rise in the sale of air conditioners. But the question that confuses most people is which model and what kind of AC’s to choose. We have already given a brief explanation about which AC is best Split or Window.

Today we have listed down the benefits of choosing Split AC over window AC for your home. Let’s see whether your decision to buy Split AC online for home this summer is profitable…

Advantages of Split Air Conditioners


As traditional air conditioning systems have to be placed under or near a window, they require you to have a hole put in the wall large enough to accommodate the unit. Also, elaborate, expensive duct work has to be undertaken. Split systems are powered by an external compressor which is situated outdoors, either on the ground or hung on brackets on an exterior wall. They can even be positioned in a garage or shed, and only require a small hole in your wall for tubing to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor one.

Split air conditioning systems are also easy to maintain, as they have washable filters which can easily be taken out and put back in. The outdoor condenser does need to be kept clean, but it was designed for cleaning to be as easy as possible.

Advantages of buying Split AC for home
Split Air Conditioning Unit


Traditional air conditioning units tend to be large and cumbersome, and very obvious due to their positioning underneath a window. By contrast, the interior modules of split systems tend to be unobtrusive, as they are usually located high up on a wall, out of people’s line of vision. Their sleek, modern designs will easily blend in with modern, minimalist decor.


While one of the main problems with traditional systems is the amount of noise they create inside the home, split systems are virtually noiseless, as only the air-blowing unit is located indoors.

Energy Efficiency

Split systems can provide heating as well as cooling, and are renowned for even use of hot and cold air when controlled properly via the thermostat. With traditional air conditioning systems, hot or cool air can escape due to drafts or open doors. This cannot happen with split systems, making them more efficient and less costly to run.

Every Air conditioner has pros and cons, but the modern split air conditioners offer more freedom and versatility and are better for the environment, which is why we’re likely to see more of them in years to come.

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