Mentioned below is the ac buying guide India 2020 with the 10 best air conditioners to help you beat the heat this summer. Each AC in the listing is top of its brand and will provide you with the finest performance so that you can choose the best product during your next ac online shopping spree!

10 best air conditioners
10 best air conditioners

1. LG 3Star Inverter AC 

This LG, 3-star inverter, split AC is highly recommended for cooling smaller areas. Its automatic clean technology prevents the build of bacteria inside the unit. The dual inverter compressor also helps you save electricity and enhance the durability of the outdoor unit.

2. Hitachi 5 star inverter AC 

If you are finding an AC for home, then this design will suit you the best. It is known for super silent operations even at high fan speed. If you buy it from the Hitachi showroom, it comes with a 5-year warranty on compressor. 

3. LG 5 Star Dual Inverter AC

The dual technology compressor of this AC provides excellent cooling even in the heatwaves of Rajasthan. The AC is highly durable as it has 100% copper protection to combat corrosion. 

4. Daikin 5 star Inverter AC

If you are finding an AC for summer, then this energy-efficient Daikin AC will provide you with excellent performance. Its power chill operation and Neo Swing compressor technology provide smooth fan movement and immediate relief in intense heat. 

5. 3D Cool Pro 3 Star Split AC

This Whirlpool AC comes with 3D cool technology, 6th sense technology, and voice-enabled connectivity. These features are extremely user friendly and enhance cooling by 40%. The market price of the AC begins from INR 37,000, but you can make an ac price comparison online to bag the best deal. 

6. Toshiba 4 Star Inverter AC

It is known for its path-breaking inverter technique which ensures quick cooling seconds after switching the AC on. The Aqua resin coating around the compressor prevents the accumulation of dust inside the AC. 

7. Panasonic 5 Star Wi-Fi Split AC

This inverter AC is known for its features of the powerful compressor, Wi-Fi enabled In-built stabilizer and energy efficiency. The R32 refrigerant gases make it environmentally friendly and help you save electricity. 

8. Voltas 3 Star Inverter AC

This Voltas AC of 1.5-ton capacity has a LED display with copper condenser coils to provide maximum cooling. If you buy it from the Voltas star, the AC will come with five years warranty on the compressor. 

9. Amazon Basic 5 Star Inverter AC

This AC is relatively new in the market but has been appreciated for providing enhanced airflow. It gives excellent performance with no loud noises. The energy-saving modes activate automatically and regulate speed accordingly. 

10. Blue Star QATU 3 Star Inverter AC

The microprocessors of the AC intelligently vary the temperature and provide maximum cooling. It also comes with the feature of iFeel technology which effectively cools the room in a few seconds. To find this AC, you can simply search ‘online AC showrooms near me.’ 

Final words,

You can do some more browsing online to find the best deal for buying an AC this summer. You can compare both online and store prices to know which offer suits you the best. 


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